Vision & Mission Of Our School
Our Vision-

Swami Vivekanand has defined education as “the manifestation of the perfection already in the man”. Since individuality is never twice repeated in the entire creation the true education takes into cognizance the individuality. Everyone is unique. Education rekindles the dormant light of genius in every student. We want our students to be physically healthy, academically well-equipped and up to date, socially responsible spiritually disciplined and inquisitive, aesthetically sensitive, morally sound, and enthusiastic. Education should inspire a sense of inquiry and enthusiasm otherwise it would hammer a cold piece of iron. Our Vedas are the unfathomable ocean of limitless wisdom and knowledge .Nothing is sacrosanct in them. We aspire to light maybe a little lamp, but surely a lamp of vedic wisdom in our school. We believe in what Einstein observe, “Science without religion is blind and religion without science is lame.” Both would perish if fire breaks out individually and independently. To save themselves both have to join hands. Needless to say that the students of today are desired to meet the challenges of constantly and continuously expanding horizons of technologically advancement but will have to become repository of commitments to Indian ethos, culture, civilization history, tradition in their pristine form. The entire educational process is like a triangle a student on the top of parents and teacher are the bottom providing the base. A harmony cohesion, interaction and understanding between the three is essential. Parents are our great strength and resource in achieving these targets. Our interests are common hence more interaction be encouraged so that we may do justice to our respective duties.

Mission of the school: -

To provide high clean modern education with the aid of audio-visual, computers, projects and internet. These facilities are provided by the school. The mission is to be at parallel with the expanding technological advancement but keeping the ethos in its pristine form and light the lamp of ancient wisdom.